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August 11th National Drive Away Cancer Day

august 11th national drive away cancer day
It doesn’t take much – just get into your car and drive. Unlike most cancer
related events which ask you to raise money for cancer awareness or
research efforts (which is always a good thing), the focus of National
Drive Away Cancer Day is to go out and spend time with people affected by
cancer. Whether you go out and give rides to children affected by cancer,
meet with families who have been touched by the illness or just driving
around to show your support for the millions dealing with cancer everywhere
– the most important thing is to go out and be seen behind the wheel. Here
is what you can do –

– Arrange an impromptu cruise-in and talk with the people you meet about
how cancer has affected them

– Go for a drive with a few of your closest friends and download a Drive
Away Cancer logo to make decals to place on your vehicle to show your
support for the cause

– Take a friend or family member who has been affected by cancer out for a
ride to let them know that their battle is in your thoughts

Contact the local media and let them know how your little slice of the
classic car community is trying to drive away cancer

– Have a fund raiser and donate the money to the organization of your choice

Whatever you do just go out and show your friends and families that we can
drive away cancer not just by finding a cure but also by providing those
dealing with the illness a chance to forget about cancer for a while as
they go for a ride or giving them a chance to keep alive the memories of
those lost by keeping the memories of loved ones on the road.

Be sure to post pictures and links of what you’ve done to help drive away
cancer on the Facebook page at Drive Away Cancer Now Facebook and visit
the website of Drive Away Cancer at Drive Away Cancer Now (you can also post your story and photos on the website as well).

Download our Drive Away Cancer Logo’s: Drive Away Cancer Now Logo and National Drive Away Cancer Now August 11th Logo (right click to save)


You can help us Drive Away Cancer one mile at a time through your donations which help keep us on the road reaching out to the community or by inscribing the car with the name of a loved one at a local car show or event.

Whether volunteering by helping keep us on the road, participating in an actual driving event or making a donation, your support is greatly appreciated and needed.

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